Garden of weeds that are my thoughts (disability and accepting disability)

As some of you may know I am sick, or ill, or handicap, or disabled, impaired. Whatever you want to call it, I am unwell and I will be for the rest of my life. Whats wrong with you? some may be wondering, well its a rude question to say the least but I will give an Answer-

I have a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos syndrome. At the moment I am only Clinically diagnosed,  I am waiting to get my genes tested. These tests will reveal what type of Ehlers Danlos I have,  I most likely have hEDS with classical features due to my grandmother.

This disorder in lay man terms means that the collagen in my body is weak, this causes a host of problems, I dislocate my joints every day my most frequent are my fingers (20+ times a day) my knees, shoulders and hips in that order come next. These dislocations make me weak, tried and full of pain. On some day/weeks I feel great I can walk the dogs, hike but on some weeks I am so disabled I am unable to walk. The days where I feel great are occurring less and less. My hearing is also impacted, I have noticed a loss in hearing over the last 4 years, this is semi common among some Zebras (People with EDS its our symbol). I deal with passing out from pain and as well as gastrointestinal issues which is also common in EDSers. My heart races when I bend down to pick something up and I often find myself in the dirt, this is due to dysautonomia, which is when blood pools in your legs instead of going to your head. Last but not least migraines, blinding head ache. I mean honestly if you have ever experienced an aura often you can not see anything.

I am writing this blog because lately I have been pretending, playing make believe with myself and others, the truth


I put on a brave face, I hate complaining to people but I need to learn that showing my pain does not make me weak, it just lets the people around me know that I am disabled and yes I do need accommodations.

The light at the end of this tunnel for me at least, is the EDS community which is incredibly supportive. The dogs, the whole reason I starting using social media they also help my feel like I have a job to do, they help me enjoy my life and for that I am eternally grateful.

Also would like to mention if any family friends, or acquaintances read this, my boyfriend is enormously supportive. Lastly shout out to my parents for giving me that support I need and taking care of me!

This is a long jumble of words, a garden full of weeds which are my thoughts that have sprouted at 2:49 am. Thank you for reading.


Mistakes when training new commands

Training a new command!


Dogs get bored just like humans, when training new commands I often see a few common mistakes.

  1. Always using the same treat!  Stop doing this your dog is not going to be as excited to train when the treat reward is always the same. Try freeze dried beef liver or green beans or bananas!
  2. Moving too quickly! You have done one training session and your pup seems to get it so you are fading out the lure, and all of the sudden your dog doesn’t understand anymore? No. It because you are moving too quickly, give your pup time to understand. Its okay if your pup is a slow learner pushing them too fast will just mess up the fun of training.
  3. Only using food as a reward! Food is not the only reward out there, training with a toy or ball can have a lot of advantages, mainly being that toy driven dogs don’t pick as much random shit off the sidewalk to try and eat because they aren’t food obsessed. (anecdotal evidence)
  4. Getting frustrated/ or angry! This happens all the time, people start moving too fast and then get upset because their dog hasn’t got a clue what is going on. If your dog isn’t getting it look at the situation, Is she tired? is she bored? If your dog isn’t getting it take a break revisit the task tomorrow!

Hope these tips where helpful! Here is a link to the new thing I have been teaching Cora “finish” (Link) we just started learning at the time of the video.

Going Raw

I decided to switch Cora to raw this month, here is the start of our journey. (June 2016)

I wanted to switch Cora to raw after she got a bad stomach ache in late May, she was pooping liquid and was not very active, this all happened from eating too many treats at training class. What were the treats you ask? Hot dogs. This was recommend by our dog school back when Cora was a puppy, well  I guess Cora’s adult stomach could not handle it. After a week of eating chicken and rice,  I moved Cora back on to her orijen regional red. She was still having very soft poo, so  I threw up my hands and said enough is enough we are trying raw.

I went in search for a good raw company in the GTA and came across Big County Raw. We got the blended ground raw and some turkey necks, Cora is loving her raw and her poop is much better so far I am seeing more energy and a happy dog!

Check out our instagram to see some photos and videos of Cora enjoying her raw!


That Crazy Dog

Cora and  I started our new class “Canine Good Neighbour” at WhenHoundsFly in Toronto. Cora and  I started at WhenHoundsFly last year in June for puppy classes, they were great and you learn a lot. I always choose the class date that an instructor called Rachel was there, she was amazing really fun and always answered my questions. In august of 2015 we took “Foundation Skills” where we learned ‘go to mat’ which I use everyday with Cora stay, leave it and a few other obedience things as well as some recall. We finished that class and  I decided that since I was still in school I would wait until I was done to do the next class  so I decided to sign Cora up for “Canine Good Neighbor”.

The first class was yesterday night 2016/06/31. We came into the class my dad , Cora and I, with Cora pulling to see the other dogs and she was doing some husky talking everyone in the room was probably wondering why exactly she was in an advanced obedience class. The first activity was being groomed by one of the instructors. HAHAHA what a joke! All Cora wanted was to be pet, of course she let them touch her but she was wiggling too much. Next we did “stay” I was so happy stay is a command that Cora really does know well, I was begging her with my eyes to do it the way I know she can at home and at the park and guess what? She did very well, the rest of the class went much better after I got my confidence back as a trainer.

So, the point? If you want a high drive dog, like a husky or German shepherd just remember that they can get crazy and they love attention but when its time to shine with hard work you can have them obeying like a champ.

Off leash Vs. On leash: Reactive Behavior

          Off leash dogs in a non off leash areas are the worst. So you are walking down the street with your dog minding your own business and BAM! A dog runs up to your dog, This situation can go a couple different ways.

   You have a friendly nicely socialized dog. The off leash dog runs up and bites your dog because it has some sort of behavioral problem. Great what now? Well first of all is your dog hurt? Second of all who owns this dog? After you questions are semi answered and you either yell at the other person or calmly exchange info, you take your dog home. The next day you go on a walk and BAM! Your dog starts freaking out on the leash when it sees another dog walk past you they start nipping and growling. This has happened because your dog is now traumatized, I guess that’s 500 dollars down the drain to go to a trainer and try to fix this reaction problem that was created by someone  who let their dog run off leash.

   The second scenario. Your dog has some leash reactive issues already so you are always on guard and you are always training while on a walk. The off leash dog runs up to your dog scares your dog and they  bite. Now you have to deal with some person yelling at you that your dog hurt their dog when they are just an irresponsible dog owner who let their dog off leash in the middle of the street. Now again you are probably going to have to pay for some medical care depending on the bite and now your dog has another bad experience under their belt pushing your training backwards.

    Now this is the lucky situation. You have a well socialized dog and a dog runs up to your dog they sniff and nothing bad happens, Great!

   Why don’t we just keep our dogs on leash unless its a designated off leash area?

Cora’s 1 year old stats

So it is 4/20 2016 and Cora is now one year old, we have now spent 10 months together and  I couldn’t be happier with my lovely pup. Since she is now a year old  I will share Cora’s weight growth since she came home until now with her full body measurements.

8 weeks-13.2(Pounds)image (51)
12 weeks 19.4
16 weeks-28.7
6 months- 37

7 months 39.2
8 months 40.4
9 months 40.6
11 months 44 
1 year old 46.8 2016-04-18 02.35.21 1-01.jpeg

Cora stated off life as a pretty big puppy and she was pretty big up until about 4 months old and then she began to slow down.

Processed with VSCO


Cora’s stats are

Weight 46.8 pounds

Height 24 inches

Waist 18.5 inches

Neck 14 inches

Body 30 inches


How is your dog so fit?

How do you keep your dog so fit?  I get asked this all the time, sometimes in real life and quite often on social media so here are some tips to keep your pup a lean machine.

First take a look at this chart and see where does your dog fit in? weight-chart

(soruce : )

Second ask yourself some questions, What am I feeding my dog? How often does my dog go to the bath room? How much exercise does my dog get?

So what are you feeding your dog? To keep your pup at their healthiest put them on a grain free food that has ingredients that you understand, whole foods are important! I recommend anything from Orijen!adult-dog-177x300  Better yet if you want to be as clean and healthy as possible go raw, here is a link to a beginner website on raw feeding (

Get your pup on some supplements! Glucosamine is really important for joint health, if you’ve got a shepherd put them on it!

Lets talk about over feeding! Its very common for someone to tell me that they feed their dogs five cups of kibble a day, that is crazy! If your dog is on a fat filled low quality food of course they will have to eat more to get their nutrients but if your dog is on a food like Orijen they should not have to eat so much. For example Cora eats 1.5 cups of Orijen a day.

Next up How often does your pup go potty!

if your pup goes to the bathroom more then 3 times a day that is an indicator that they are being fed wayy too much! another indicator of this is the colour of your pup poo. That is right my furiends if the colour is light brown and mushy they are eating too much! The ideal poo is dark brown, solid , small and only 2 or 3 times a day!

Lastly exercise!

Make sure you are giving your pup enough exercise, You can tell by how tired they are at the end of their walk/fetch/hike/swimming. A panting dog is a happy dog you want them to seem tired and like they had a good work out! Don’t forget to give them a nice bowl of water after!