How is your dog so fit?

How do you keep your dog so fit?  I get asked this all the time, sometimes in real life and quite often on social media so here are some tips to keep your pup a lean machine.

First take a look at this chart and see where does your dog fit in? weight-chart

(soruce : )

Second ask yourself some questions, What am I feeding my dog? How often does my dog go to the bath room? How much exercise does my dog get?

So what are you feeding your dog? To keep your pup at their healthiest put them on a grain free food that has ingredients that you understand, whole foods are important! I recommend anything from Orijen!adult-dog-177x300  Better yet if you want to be as clean and healthy as possible go raw, here is a link to a beginner website on raw feeding (

Get your pup on some supplements! Glucosamine is really important for joint health, if you’ve got a shepherd put them on it!

Lets talk about over feeding! Its very common for someone to tell me that they feed their dogs five cups of kibble a day, that is crazy! If your dog is on a fat filled low quality food of course they will have to eat more to get their nutrients but if your dog is on a food like Orijen they should not have to eat so much. For example Cora eats 1.5 cups of Orijen a day.

Next up How often does your pup go potty!

if your pup goes to the bathroom more then 3 times a day that is an indicator that they are being fed wayy too much! another indicator of this is the colour of your pup poo. That is right my furiends if the colour is light brown and mushy they are eating too much! The ideal poo is dark brown, solid , small and only 2 or 3 times a day!

Lastly exercise!

Make sure you are giving your pup enough exercise, You can tell by how tired they are at the end of their walk/fetch/hike/swimming. A panting dog is a happy dog you want them to seem tired and like they had a good work out! Don’t forget to give them a nice bowl of water after!



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