Cora’s 1 year old stats

So it is 4/20 2016 and Cora is now one year old, we have now spent 10 months together and  I couldn’t be happier with my lovely pup. Since she is now a year old  I will share Cora’s weight growth since she came home until now with her full body measurements.

8 weeks-13.2(Pounds)image (51)
12 weeks 19.4
16 weeks-28.7
6 months- 37

7 months 39.2
8 months 40.4
9 months 40.6
11 months 44 
1 year old 46.8 2016-04-18 02.35.21 1-01.jpeg

Cora stated off life as a pretty big puppy and she was pretty big up until about 4 months old and then she began to slow down.

Processed with VSCO


Cora’s stats are

Weight 46.8 pounds

Height 24 inches

Waist 18.5 inches

Neck 14 inches

Body 30 inches



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