Off leash Vs. On leash: Reactive Behavior

          Off leash dogs in a non off leash areas are the worst. So you are walking down the street with your dog minding your own business and BAM! A dog runs up to your dog, This situation can go a couple different ways.

   You have a friendly nicely socialized dog. The off leash dog runs up and bites your dog because it has some sort of behavioral problem. Great what now? Well first of all is your dog hurt? Second of all who owns this dog? After you questions are semi answered and you either yell at the other person or calmly exchange info, you take your dog home. The next day you go on a walk and BAM! Your dog starts freaking out on the leash when it sees another dog walk past you they start nipping and growling. This has happened because your dog is now traumatized, I guess that’s 500 dollars down the drain to go to a trainer and try to fix this reaction problem that was created by someone  who let their dog run off leash.

   The second scenario. Your dog has some leash reactive issues already so you are always on guard and you are always training while on a walk. The off leash dog runs up to your dog scares your dog and they  bite. Now you have to deal with some person yelling at you that your dog hurt their dog when they are just an irresponsible dog owner who let their dog off leash in the middle of the street. Now again you are probably going to have to pay for some medical care depending on the bite and now your dog has another bad experience under their belt pushing your training backwards.

    Now this is the lucky situation. You have a well socialized dog and a dog runs up to your dog they sniff and nothing bad happens, Great!

   Why don’t we just keep our dogs on leash unless its a designated off leash area?


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