That Crazy Dog

Cora and  I started our new class “Canine Good Neighbour” at WhenHoundsFly in Toronto. Cora and  I started at WhenHoundsFly last year in June for puppy classes, they were great and you learn a lot. I always choose the class date that an instructor called Rachel was there, she was amazing really fun and always answered my questions. In august of 2015 we took “Foundation Skills” where we learned ‘go to mat’ which I use everyday with Cora stay, leave it and a few other obedience things as well as some recall. We finished that class and  I decided that since I was still in school I would wait until I was done to do the next class  so I decided to sign Cora up for “Canine Good Neighbor”.

The first class was yesterday night 2016/06/31. We came into the class my dad , Cora and I, with Cora pulling to see the other dogs and she was doing some husky talking everyone in the room was probably wondering why exactly she was in an advanced obedience class. The first activity was being groomed by one of the instructors. HAHAHA what a joke! All Cora wanted was to be pet, of course she let them touch her but she was wiggling too much. Next we did “stay” I was so happy stay is a command that Cora really does know well, I was begging her with my eyes to do it the way I know she can at home and at the park and guess what? She did very well, the rest of the class went much better after I got my confidence back as a trainer.

So, the point? If you want a high drive dog, like a husky or German shepherd just remember that they can get crazy and they love attention but when its time to shine with hard work you can have them obeying like a champ.


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