Going Raw

I decided to switch Cora to raw this month, here is the start of our journey. (June 2016)

I wanted to switch Cora to raw after she got a bad stomach ache in late May, she was pooping liquid and was not very active, this all happened from eating too many treats at training class. What were the treats you ask? Hot dogs. This was recommend by our dog school back when Cora was a puppy, well  I guess Cora’s adult stomach could not handle it. After a week of eating chicken and rice,  I moved Cora back on to her orijen regional red. She was still having very soft poo, so  I threw up my hands and said enough is enough we are trying raw.

I went in search for a good raw company in the GTA and came across Big County Raw. We got the blended ground raw and some turkey necks, Cora is loving her raw and her poop is much better so far I am seeing more energy and a happy dog!

Check out our instagram to see some photos and videos of Cora enjoying her raw!



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