Mistakes when training new commands

Training a new command!


Dogs get bored just like humans, when training new commands I often see a few common mistakes.

  1. Always using the same treat!  Stop doing this your dog is not going to be as excited to train when the treat reward is always the same. Try freeze dried beef liver or green beans or bananas!
  2. Moving too quickly! You have done one training session and your pup seems to get it so you are fading out the lure, and all of the sudden your dog doesn’t understand anymore? No. It because you are moving too quickly, give your pup time to understand. Its okay if your pup is a slow learner pushing them too fast will just mess up the fun of training.
  3. Only using food as a reward! Food is not the only reward out there, training with a toy or ball can have a lot of advantages, mainly being that toy driven dogs don’t pick as much random shit off the sidewalk to try and eat because they aren’t food obsessed. (anecdotal evidence)
  4. Getting frustrated/ or angry! This happens all the time, people start moving too fast and then get upset because their dog hasn’t got a clue what is going on. If your dog isn’t getting it look at the situation, Is she tired? is she bored? If your dog isn’t getting it take a break revisit the task tomorrow!

Hope these tips where helpful! Here is a link to the new thing I have been teaching Cora “finish” (Link) we just started learning at the time of the video.


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