Starting off on the right Paw (New puppy guide)

What do you do to set a puppy up for a successful life?

2016-11-08 02.06.28 1.jpg

  1. Make the puppy feel comfortable/Crate training  Start by taking your puppy into their new potty space to let them relive themselves. Then play with them a bit until they are tired (If you have an 8 week old puppy this should happen fairly quickly.), After the play session take them to their space AKA a crate or kennel have a nice soft blanket on the floor of the crate and some toys. Make sure the crate is just big enough that they can get up and turn around. Play some comforting puppy music and leave them be for 2 hours.
  2. Socialization is so important to making sure a puppy is set up for a successful life. Star by looking for a puppy social/ puppy play class in your area, this will be a safe place for the puppies to play free of diseases they could get from dog parks. It is important to get your puppy to meet as many dogs between the ages of 8-12 weeks, 50-150 dog encounters is recommend. Walking your puppy in your neighbour is a great way to get your puppy to meet people and dogs. As your puppy gets older walking them by and around dog parks is a good way to introduce them to dogs. Socialization isn’t just about people and other dogs, its also about experiences and sounds. It is important to introduce all the things you would like your dog to enjoy in this critical time period, Such as grooming(nails, ears, and baths) going to the beach(swimming), walking in busy neighbourhoods and loud common noises (vacuum, fireworks, car starting up).
  3. Obedience training early will make your life a lot easier as your dog gets older. After a day of settling in its time to start training. Start with teaching your puppy their name, a big mistake many people make is just saying their puppies name all the time. To properly teach a puppy their name sit on the floor and put a yummy treat between your eyes and say their name, over a few days they will realize that their name means “look at the hooman”. Puppies are very willing to learn in their first few weeks so use that to your advantage.

I hope this helped! Put the right paw forward!


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