Wait 002

img_9815   Wait, its one of those commands that are on all of the “top ten things to teach your dog” lists and for good reason. Wait is a vital part of a dogs training it can be used for many different situations ie waiting at doors, waiting for food. waiting before going to play.

How to teach Wait

Step one  hold a treat in one hand, show the hand to your pupper, when they stop licking your hand or look away click and feed them the treat. Once they start to understand say leave it every time they stop licking your hand. Say Wait while they lick your hand if they stop licking click and feed. Video 

Step two Placing the treat on the floor while they lie down, say wait, if they do click and feed. Place the treat on the floor say leave it and wait for them to make eye contact with you once they do click and feed for the eye contact. Video 

Step three Now its time to increase the difficulty, longer time they must wait for the treats and harder treats. Start this by waiting 30 seconds, a minute, 5 minutes until you can get it up to 15 minutes. Start leaving the room and see if they will leave it, this is trained with patience they will not wait when you exit the room over night start slow walking away in the room then leaving the room. Use harder and more high value treats like raw meat.

That’s all for now go forth and train those puppers!



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