Service dog journey 001


Ren is now officially in training to be my service dog. I first wanted to d a puppy class with her, socialization and training to see if she had what it takes to be a service dog. After a month of feeling Ren out I have decided that she is ready to go into service dog training.

Ren will be a medical alert and responds dog. This means she will be alerting to my migraines so I can take my medication, she will be alerting to fainting so I can sit down so  I don’t hurt myself. She will Respond to my medical troubles by laying on top of me to preform Deep pressure therapy which will help when my legs go numb.

Training a service dog takes two years here is what I wish to accomplish with…

Ren’s tasks

Alert to migraines

Deep Pressure therapy

Black out response

Now the tasks are just half of the job a service dog be calm and well mannered in public, this means ignoring food, other dogs, people, walking in a heel, waiting at doors, not be startled by loud noises, being calm in stressful situations, laying down nicely and quietly under the table at restaurants, being calm while alone.

I hope you guys enjoy our journey we will be documenting the whole thing on this blog our instagram @pawsofmirkwood and our Youtube channel.


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