Ren’s training 003


Ren’s training update for weeks 10, 11, 12 & 13 

Wait, Leave it & Silent leave it 

Wait- I wrote an article here on it  Video

Leave it- I am using wait and leave it for two different meanings. Wait is for things that Ren can have she just has to wait for them for example, food, going through doors and greeting dogs. Leave it is for things she can never have like people while she is working, dogs while she is working and food while she is working. Video 

Silent leave it- a silent leave is when a dog or puppy starts to be trained to understand that unless they are told to they can not take food off the floor. video 

Stay (Out of sight, in distracting areas, with distractions) 

Out of sight- Start with a solid stay and slowly move toward leaving the room.

In distracting areas-This week we did our first trip to petvalu where we worked on Ren’s stay, as seen in this video. By working in distracting loud areas we are able to bombproof her stay.

Stay with distractions- Using distractions of all kinds can help make a stay more stable. For example in this video Ren is staying while I roll a ball past her, this was difficult for her in the beginning as she has a medium to high ball drive. We tried about 4 times and then she got it.

Place, Heel & Under 

Place- We use the word place for Ren standing at attention beside me, I use this word because I want her to understand that it is her spot beside me. In the end I would like her to come from across the room to her place beside me. Video 1, Video 2, Video 3 

Heel- I taught this to Ren by giving treats to her while she walked beside my nee. I will continue to work on this by using a wall and putting her on the inside.

Under- This is a command often used in the service dog community to get our dogs under chairs or under subway chairs, we use this to keep our dogs out of the way. Video 

That’s all for now, we will have another update in a few weeks.



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