Learning her first task


image1 (5).JPG    Over the past week Ren has been learning her first task Deep Pressure Therapy or as it’s known in the service dog community DPT.

Deep pressure therapy can be used for all kinds of reasons, grounding, numbness, stabilizing ect.

Ren will be preforming DPT for numbness I get in my legs and grounding after a black out.

The first day I sat on the floor and lured Ren over my lap and asked her to stay in that position to get the idea. Video 

The second day I added the verbal cue but I was still luring her with strong hand gestures. Video 

The next session was Ren responding to my hand signal and verbal cue 6 out of 10 times.

The last session was when I was able to have Ren do “pressure” with a verbal cue and a small hand gesture. She did it 8 out of 10 times successfully (Meaning the right position on my legs). Video 

I’m so excited that Ren has learned her first task, we will have a video on our YouTube channel on Monday showing Ren learning her first task.

Service dog journey 001


Ren is now officially in training to be my service dog. I first wanted to d a puppy class with her, socialization and training to see if she had what it takes to be a service dog. After a month of feeling Ren out I have decided that she is ready to go into service dog training.

Ren will be a medical alert and responds dog. This means she will be alerting to my migraines so I can take my medication, she will be alerting to fainting so I can sit down so  I don’t hurt myself. She will Respond to my medical troubles by laying on top of me to preform Deep pressure therapy which will help when my legs go numb.

Training a service dog takes two years here is what I wish to accomplish with…

Ren’s tasks

Alert to migraines

Deep Pressure therapy

Black out response

Now the tasks are just half of the job a service dog be calm and well mannered in public, this means ignoring food, other dogs, people, walking in a heel, waiting at doors, not be startled by loud noises, being calm in stressful situations, laying down nicely and quietly under the table at restaurants, being calm while alone.

I hope you guys enjoy our journey we will be documenting the whole thing on this blog our instagram @pawsofmirkwood and our Youtube channel.