Ren’s training 001

Ren’s training 001, this is the first update on how Ren’s training has been coming along.

The first thing I worked on with Ren was her name with eye contact , food guarding prevention and sit. ~8 weeks old~

Teaching a name – Sit on the floor with your pup and wave the treat in front of their nose until you have their attention, once you do bring the treat up in between your eyes and say their name, click and feed for every time they look you in the eye when you say their name.

Food guarding prevention– Petting your dog while they are eating is a good way for the pup to understand that you are in their space. dropping treats near their bowl while they eat will help them understand that you are their to share with them not steal their food. Here is a video of Ren and I practicing this.

Sit– Guide a treat above your dogs nose and lead their head back until they sit. Click and treat once their butt hits the ground. A video of Ren demonstrating her sit.

The second set of things I worked on with Ren were Lie down, stay and drop it. ~9 weeks old~

Lie down– Ask your puppy to sit and and drag the treat down to the middle of their belly this will force them to lie down,click and feed once they are on the floor. Video here 

Stay– Start with your pup in either a sit or lie down. Put your hand up and say stay wait for 5 seconds click and feed if your puppy hasn’t moved slowly increase the time and distance by taking one step back each session. Video 

Drop it– Get your puppy really interested in a toy or rope, get them to get a hold of it and put a treat under their nose when they drop the toy say drop it and click and feed. Video here 

Well that’s all for now.

Getting a new puppy

So I did something…

I GOT A NEW PUPPY, Its all very exciting. Ren my new puppy is an 8 week old Czech working line German Shepherd. We got her from a great reputable breeder in Ontario and I couldn’t be happier with the relationship I built with Ren’s breeder. We just started puppy school and sure is quite the shy puppy in comparison to Cora as a puppy.

Training wise right now we are working on Her name with eye contact, sit, lie down and touch(hand targeting) She is doing very well she is food motivated and play motivated!

I will update you guys again soon! Here are some cute pictures.