Ren’s training 004

Ren’s training update for weeks 14,15,16 Stand, out, settle, back up, paws up, around, Deep pressure therapy. 

Stand: I started by luring Ren with a treat from a sitting to a standing position after she started to understand that I would click when she would stand with the hand signal.

Out: I use out to tell Ren to get out from an under. I again used luring to guide Ren out from under the  chair, I use a pointed finger as my single for getting out or a flat hand using (touch).

Settle: Going on to a mat and staying, settle is a relaxed type of stay. This is good for going to the movies or being at a restaurant.

Back up: Walking backwards in front of her. Now the hand signal is my hand flicking backward.

Paws up: back end awareness. Putting paws up on the book and walk around.

Around: I use this to tell her to go around the area.

DPT: I wrote an entry here