The Paws

Cora & Guinness




I first met Cora by finding her on online, I had just been through a difficult time and needed something to help me uplift and that is when the lovely Cora presented me with her presence. I went to visit Cora in early June she was just 5 weeks old, I was going to pick a puppy in a light pink collar but then Cora(dark pink collar) crawled into my lap and I knew she was the one. I came back two weeks later after my last exam with my dad on June 12th.Cora was a really smart puppy she was potty trained in about 2 weeks, she learned her sit and her name within a couple of days. I worked on recall with Cora from the beginning and we now enjoy really fun off leash hikes! Cora is such a sassy queen and I love her so much!




Guinness is a lovely vibrantly spirited young dog. She is my boyfriends dog but I will admit I feel like we all mutely agree that Guinness is also my dog. When my boyfriends family first got Guinness in September of 2016, I had expressed an interest in dog training and one thing led to another and I became Guinness’s puppy trainer. From that point on Guinness and I developed a strong bond, the rest is history I love this zany barking drama Queen.

baby squishy