The Paws

Cora & Ren




I first met Cora by finding her on online, I had just been through a pretty hard time. I went to visit Cora in early June she was just 5 weeks old, I was going to pick a puppy in a light pink collar but then Cora(dark pink collar) crawled into my lap and I knew she was the one. I came back two weeks later after my last exam with my dad on June 12th.Cora was a really smart puppy she was potty trained in about 2 weeks, she learned her sit and her name within a couple of days. I worked on recall with Cora from the beginning and we now enjoy really fun off leash hikes! Cora is such a sassy queen and I love her so much!



I first started thinking about getting Ren after Cora turned a year old. I thought she could really use a play mate and a friend to spend her time with so I jumped into to research. After becoming sick my doctor recommend a service dog so  I decided to go with a responsible reputable breed in my province who breeds working line German shepherds. Ren is a Czech German shepherd who was born on September 7th 2016. She came home on November 3 2016 at 8 weeks. Ren is one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever met she catches on to new commands very quickly and is on her way to being an amazing service dog. You can follow Ren’s service dog journey on instagram @renthehelpingfriend